Cdo Wedding Planners [ List – February 2019 ]

How dreamy would it be to fantasize your wedding day and actually seeing your dreams portrayed perfectly into reality? Our guide here will provide you with some of the most exceptional, affordable and best wedding planners in CDO. Regardless of the location, the type of event or the priority, you will always have wedding planners standing right by your side to help you in the preparations. According to an article in The Knot, there are many essential tips to make your wedding perfect. What’s a wedding without some bridesmaids? To make sure that your girls get the best of everything from their dresses to their make-up, use this source to know everything you need to be prepared and make your bestie’s wedding the most special


We all like to remain updated about the latest trends of the year when preparing for the big event. All of this is not possible without the help of a capable and expert wedding planner and that’s what we focus on in our article. So without much further ado let’s get started!

Have your day all sorted out? Don’t consider saying yes until you consider these exceptional wedding planners.

Weddings & Events Republic CDO

Claiming to provide classy weddings that leave you with timeless memories, Weddings & Events Republic always make sure to prove their exceptional services to you. They offer a non-refundable down payment from their suppliers as they believe that this will improve their performance and make them work hard to give you the perfect wedding experience. They have different ideas on their mind when it comes to the elements of the wedding one of which is DIY (Do It Yourself) food stations. This famous idea has drawn attention to their business and they have definitely proved themselves to be worthy of it. They offer planning, executing and managing the event in the best way possible.Definitely one of the recommended list for wedding planners cdo.



Address: Vamenta, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

+63 916 187 4592

Wedding Elements Event Management CDO

They offer affordable and cheap packages. These packages have no exception to the quality of their work. They provide excellent wedding services throughout CDO. Photography and videography service is also offered by them along with selecting the perfect venue for your big day. Their packages are attractive in the sense that it provides an all in all service to the clients who are busy and cannot take time out of their busy routine to plan for the wedding. Whether it is a garden or a beach wedding, Wedding Elements will make sure to give you an excellent experience.

#151 Gomez St.
Cagayan de Oro, Philippines 9000

Get Directions

+63 916 348 8261

Typically replies within a few hours

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Choosing a wedding planner for your wedding is quite challenging. Especially when the date is right above your head. Keeping in mind the mess that gets only bigger as the date approaches, we have prepared this little guide to help you choose the best, cheap and affordable wedding planner in Cagayan De Oro. 

We love cdo wedding planners ? If you have suggestions that are the best, affordable cagayan de oro planners and coordinator recommendations.Check our Facebook now and get a quote right here. 

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