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“A well-organised event always tells good about you and leaves everyone attending happy. It doesn’t matter how big or small the event is, you should aim for the perfect party or at least near perfect.”


It should display your vision of grand excellence and should be an event people will be talking of months and years to come. If you feel you need to spice up your event with that special thing that will make the day one to never forget in Manila, then a mobile bar offers the magical effects not many things can offer. Whether it’s a wedding or a corporate event, there are things you must know before hiring a mobile bar in Manila but first what is a mobile bar for those who do not fully understand?


It is a portable retail business set up serving on-demand alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, cocktails and other beverages and even water wherever it is needed. !!


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Like every other thing you plan to do, you will be setting out with a budget and nothing gives more ease to your pocket than hiring a mobile bar rather than having to set up your own bar. Hiring a mobile bar in Manila is the way to go if you want to get the best out of your party without breaking the bank. Bottoms Up and Manila Mobile bar for instance which are both renown as two of the best mobile bar manila services in Manila offer expensive and cheap mobile bar packages depending on your need. You can take a look at their mobile bar service price list and find an affordable option.Get a quote HERE.


The next thing to consider before hiring a mobile bar manila  is adaptability. Mobile bars can blend with whatever concept you want for your event. It could be a corporate event or a casual one, mobile bars can adapt to any. Even in big music or entertainment events, you can be sure that you won’t be let down by your mobile bar. To put it simply, these bars can transform any event.Check out some of our events HERE.


This is perhaps the best offering a mobile bar Manila will allow you enjoy. This is because the staff running the mobile bar will handle everything. In fact, all you need to do is step outside your house since these mobile bars can show up on your doorsteps easily. All in all, hiring a mobile bar will save you some stress with organizing your party.For your convenience messsage us on Facebook.


The mobile bar you hire is likely to come fully equipped compared to you running a bar. For example, comfortable lounge chairs can be provided by the mobile bars if you need that. The staff of the mobile bar have cleaning tools and devices to keep your drinks chilled and ready to serve. Everything you could need offered in a unique and organised package in your Manila mobile bar. Not forgetting their staff will also be on the lookout for people who might be having one drink too plenty.


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Never Run Out Of Drinks

The chances of running out of booze throwing a party without hiring a mobile bar is high. This can come from not anticipating the number of visitors who turn up for your event. But with a mobile bar, you wouldn’t even have to worry about drinks cause they will always provide to your guests as much as your bill can cover. On top of that, your guests get to select from an array of liquors that you probably wouldn’t have been able to provide with your own bar.


You are looking at throwing a big party that you want people to talk about. The look and feel of your big party is a big deal. You decide what your event to be like. A rustic, laid back event or one with a general ambience that gets your guests ready to party and have some good time. A mobile car  manila can be the single difference between both. A mobile bar will give a more aesthetic appeal to your party. The mobile bar can be designed according to your party theme and further enhance the character of your event.

For Any Event

Whether mobile bar in Cavite or mobile bar in Manila, it doesn’t matter where your event is or what type of event it is, a mobile will spice it up in more ways than one. You can even go on to create a personalised experience that compliments any occasion ranging from corporate events to fundraisers, birthday parties, weddings, graduations, product launching and so on.



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13 Reasons Why You Should Get A Mobile Bar For Your Wedding?

Manila mobile bar is here! Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and you’ll be looking to make it a once in a lifetime experience for your guests. Even as kids, we were already taught to believe in the power of love and finding that “true one”. Finding the true one from over seven continents, more than six billion people and more islands than the eyes can see in the Philippines is a triumph. This is why a wedding is still one of our country’s most celebrated event. This is why any Filipino can easily run through the basics while preparing for one, from the catering to the photography and most importantly the bar.
Here in Manila, there is a growing interest in the idea of hiring a mobile bar. So you are asking “what is a mobile bar?” Here is what it is. A mobile bar as the name suggests is mobile but sets up with a full bartending service, a lineup of assorted drinks and drink sets which can be customized to the preference of guests.
With your wedding around the corner, stop deciding and hire a mobile bar in Manila. A mobile bar service ticks so many boxes, and here are some good reasons why hiring a Manila mobile bar for your wedding is a great idea.

  1. Keep the drinks flowing  

Don’t let the drinks run out and ruin the day for your guests. A mobile bar service ensures there is a constant flow of celebratory drinks on your wedding day. Manila mobile bar from Bottoms Up can help you with that.

  1. Add to your theme

A mobile bar will instantly add to the theme of your wedding. It is necessary to hire the best mobile bar service in the Philippines if you want to get a mobile bar that complements your wedding theme.Do you want to take a peek at our events?  Just follow this link.

  1. A Mobile Bar affords Outdoor Bar Service

The indoor bar is great for your guests, but a wedding bar cost shouldn’t stop you from setting up or hiring the best mobile bar in Manila so you can take the strain off your indoor bar and provide an option for guests to relax outside with their drinks. In fact, we created a guide on how to prepare your wedding drinks. You might check this article right here.

  1. Cater to the Masses

A mobile bar service has it all. There is a wide selection of drinks from soft drinks to champagne that your wedding guests can choose from. With all of your supplies (alcohol, beverages, juices etc.) in one place, it will control traffic as everyone will have to go to one place to get their drinks.

  1. Easy Setup and Teardown

Manila Mobile bars don’t cost a lot to set up and take nothing cleaning and maintaining, which makes them a great choice for any wedding venue where there is the possibility of unexpected circumstances like weather or last-minute changes. Besides, with the ability to pack-up the bar and move so easily, you can easily choose where the bar works best for you. Check out our bar video here.

  1. Manila Mobile Bar Is More Budget-Friendly Option

If you are looking to cut costs without sacrificing on quality, then a mobile bar is the budget-friendly option. Many mobile bar services offer cheap mobile bar packages for couples working on a budget and still want their marriage to be a splash. Check out the prices of an  Australian based mobile here.
You will get a range of options with most bar providers. You don’t have to bore a hole in your pocket to afford a great mobile bar. There are many affordable mobile bar services in Manila. Couples who are working on a budget are going for simple cash bars with mobile cocktail bar prices just to get the groove going. Guests are happy if they keep getting their drinks just the way they want it, everyone is happy.

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  1. Create an all Outdoor Experience

Are you having a wedding in the dry season? Then it’s a chance to enjoy the outdoor dryness and breeze. Design your outdoor wedding around your chosen bottoms up mobile bar service. Barbecues and buffets can all be served outside and if the weather permits, an acoustic performance from your wedding entertainers will create a soothing atmosphere. We have experienced outdoor events?  Manila mobile bar usually pack last among all the suppliers.

  1. Photo opportunities

How about a quick snap at the bar area? You can pose with your first drinks poured. This area presents lots of opportunities for your photographer to snap endlessly. Do you want to see some crazy photos? We have our Instagram here in this link

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  1. Evening Entertainment

For guests who couldn’t join up from the beginning of the reception, they’ll be glad when they can still catch up with some entertainment from the day’s celebrations. Even your guests who have been at the wedding all day will enjoy a new element for the evening, keeping the fun on all through the wedding.

  1. Drink Aware

Behind any good bar service, are licensed and experienced professionals who can tell exactly when a guest has had enough to drink.Manila mobile bar go that covered right away! You check Jeorge Dela Cruz profile the owner of Bottoms Up himself. He can consult you personally on this! Check his site here 

  1. Fosters Socialization

From experience, it is evident that when a mobile bar is set up at an event, there is increased socialization. Most people who drink out at bars usually do it so they can socialize with others. Now that they have their bar close to them, what better way to achieve this than for you to hire the best mobile bar in the Philippines.
The bar becomes the life of the party and where everyone gathers around for their drinks. This creates more conversation and guest interaction, leading to a more meaningful and enjoyable experience.

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  1. One Less Thing To Worry About

Instead of trying to run everything yourself, isn’t it better to leave certain things to professionals who are experienced and have a passion for drinks to do what they know how to do best? They will come up with an awesome drinks menu that everybody will enjoy and remember and you won’t need to worry about licensing.

  1. Turn a Formal Event into a more Homey One

A wedding can be too formal with people giving speeches, hosts participating in the usual fun games, and a nervous couple. Liven things up with a small alcohol instead of seeing your guests all fidgety. A mobile bar can relax their nerves with choice cocktails.

Overall, this is just 13 of the million reasons we can provide on why you need a mobile bar. So get a quote in a manila mobile bar here brought to you by Bottoms Up. Just click here for a quote.


This photo is also shoot by Eight Productions. One of the best wedding photographers Boracay.You should check their portfolio HERE.


Wedding Tips On Preparing Drinks

Wedding tips on preparing drinks, Awesome Guide For Every Filipina Bride Out There!

 Wedding tips on preparing drinks coming up! Hello there, bride and groom to be soon, before we start the points of this article  wedding  tips on preparing drinks . Let us introduce our company. Bottoms up, we are a mobile bar supplier focus ,company based in the Philippines. Started our operation in 2013 and expanded our outlets to different major key cities in the Philippines. So if we advise wedding tips on preparing drinks you are reading in the right place.  (:
wedding tips on preparing drinks


1. Ask your Guest What’s Their Drink

Now, the no. 1 strategy  doing wedding tips on preparing drinks? A famous common method called “ASKING” should be in use.Drinkers are specific people or let’s say they have their own favourites. A wise man said, just give me my drink and I’ll be fine for the whole night. This is really true not just in the movies but in reality too. Your guest will be shy to demand to message you about their drinks, cause we Filipino usually have that delicadeza right?  But you ,as the host of your wedding, you should at least ask them. Get all their contacts number and have a chain message, the most dominant answers should be on your bar menu. Brilliant right? Plus, if you really want to please them but you can’t afford for that kind of brand (let’s say that guest requests a 12 yeard old Macallan). At least tell him/her directly that you can’t put that on the list but he/she can bring a bottle if they wanted too.  Now why we did that?  It’s because these people have their specifics, especially on a special occasion. Don’t get this wrong, but you must be happy if they are requesting specifics. Because if for a drinker’s perspective? They want their best drinks at the best moments. Well, your wedding day moments, maybe means a lot to them? (:   Drinking is not just about getting drunk, it’s a tool to feel more triumphant with the celebration. So rule number 1, ask them or let your coordinator  do that.
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2. Treat Drinks Like a Food

Now don’t get this wrong when doing the wedding tips on preparing drinks. We have catered a lot of clients and we can compare the white and the brown people celebrate. White priors drink first then food! Why? Cause they want to make the event happy and fun. Well brown guys, prior food cause we want to get full?  lol   We are getting stuffed every day in our life, why not try something different on your special day.  Well, I can’t fully guide you that you should party like whites but at least have a decent ratio of the budget for the drinks compared to food. Check this, if you would look into?  (1) Jack Daniels is equivalent to (3) heads average on Food Buffet?   It’s no question that drinks are more expensive, right?  So before getting married, take note that drinks budget is not a joke. In any event, we get stuffed after (1) round of buffet. But when it comes to drinks? We always want more after  (3) rounds.

3. Have A Drink Crowd Fund

Okay okay, now I know what you are thinking. Really? Do I really need to do that? C’mon guys, we are Filipinos. We usually hang out with our friends before and paid evenly with the bill for the drinks. Well, I don’t want to mention those, But cmon guys, it’s 2018!  It really doesn’t mean you will finance all the drinks for your wedding. For what? to look them drunk? It’s everyone party after your wedding program, so it’s everyone drinks!   To launch a DCF ( Drinks Crowd Fund)  a simple message will do. “HI GUYS, PLANNING TO LAUNCH A CROWDFUND FOR OUR WEDDING DRINKS SO WE COULD HAVE A LOT OF BOOZE TILL 3:00 AM, ARE WE GOOD FOR THIS? ”    Okay,we know our script sounds mean, but you can do better than that right?  The guest will love this cause they will be excited, a crowdfund for drinks means adequate supply too. We have experienced this one at our events in Manila, well everyone’s happy, you can’t even tell it’s a crowdfunded bar. But the experience was good like everyone’s bossing around for the bar cause they paid for it. Well, that’s the right thing to do in a bar anyways. But, if you fully financed it?  Well, theirs some hindrances along the way with it, the main reason we encounter is the majority of the guest will be shy. Theirs a huge difference between DCF and SELF FINANCE BAR. Are you betting on this? Is this enough tip for wedding tips on preparing drinks  (: Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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4. Remember the  LBW  (Liquor-Beer – Wine ) Rule

 Liquor-Beer – Wine you will stick with these main (3) cause this is the sacred rule of the bar events. Someone going to find liquor, make sure you have it all completed starting from rum, whisky, tequila, gin, vodka, brandy and whiskey.For the beers? Well, the local brands will be fine for Pinoys and if you have white guest? Trust us they will be fine too.  Now for the wines? A little bit complex but the major rule is don’t let us, relatives, organizer purchased you a wine. Why? Cause everything will fall into the wreckage.If you are a wine lover then you know your wines, ensure the brand to your supplier and order it ahead. When we mean ahead, at least 2 months before the wedding to ensure stocks availability. Wine is sensitive to detail drinks, make sure you will ensure it personally.
But if you think your crowd doesn’t that wine lover person? Well, go for the fruit wines  ( these are cheap and sweet flavoured grapes) , these are very good for wine starters. We won’t mention brands here, cause this is not a paid blog. Also, consider the food  (WHITES) – Seafoods  (RED) – Red Meats, so if you think which ratio is bigger then go for that specific coloured of wine. We also suggest that you can request for a tasting to your wine supplier to ensure that you are comfortable with the taste for your guest.


5.Corkage Hacks

This is where you play your trickiness. Let’s do the math? Standard corkages right now in HOTELS  especially the 5 -4 star hotels are around Php 1.00 per ML, so meaning if you got a litre Jack Daniels that would cost Php 1,000.00 . So theirs no way you can deal with that. We have a set corkage also with other hotels /function these are usually 3- to no stars hotels that charge around Php 3,000  to 5,000 then you can bring anything you want in the deal. If we weigh in, you should go full blast with your drinks. If you are paying 5k for the corkage at least set aside the 10% of the total budget ratio of your bar to evenly matched it the corkage fee So it should be at least Php 50,000 budget for the drinks or more.
We have also clients that  hire  us for the sake of set corkages, cause they really have a lot of tons of drinks and they just want us to fill in as a serving station for their drinks.We also heard some news, that you can also wave it if you have that “palakasan” powers in your area. This would mostly apply to wedding organizers, who have that good bargaining skills. At least you will know the upfront fees!  So if we are reading your mind right now, you really need a mobile bar so you can avoid that per bottle charges. Having a mobile bar is at least budget convenient and stress-free.This is one of our top favorite when you are doing a wedding tips on preparing drinks.
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6. Bring Your Own Bottle Culture

Yes, in U.S parties if you are invited at least an act of courtesy for the host to contribute some bottle.You can also do that since we are Pinoys, we have also that bring your baon experiences before? (:  Well, the bring your own bottles looks fun cause If I do the math if you have at least 100 guests then I’m estimating we can get around 30% of that to bring a bottle of wine?  Then we have around 30 bottles of wine to serve in your day. On top of what you have prepared too! (:  This could make the event to have an adequate supply of beverages too. Imagine the crowdfund drinks and bring your own bottle combine? lol. That would be a blowout! Now that’s what you called a legit way of wedding tips on preparing drinks.


7. Assign Someone In Guest To Be The Alcohol Watcher

To ensure the numbers are right, quality is good and supplies are adequate. This happens on events, this to avoid the crashers of the weddings to deplete alcohols or guest get out of control for the drinks. Some of the guests will take out bottles which are not allowed to and the bartenders will have no choice to let them be. We have also guest that waste alcohol ordering a lot and not finishing the drink. The Alcohol Watcher will not be always in the bar,  his job mainly is to be the one that our bartender can talk to for any  bar related  concerns.




8. Be Creative with Your Bar Menu


Research is the key when it comes to drinks? When doing some wedding tips on preparing drinks  always remember that anything can be customizable. You can also create your own concoctions and name it with your event. Bartenders love this kind of jobs if you ask them. Just request that you need original concoctions for your drinks and some witty/creatives names on it. It would really depend on your taste. We have also instances that all the drinks will be matched with the “THEME” of the event. Like for example, we have an event before of “MARDI GRAS” so all those South American drinks inspired we’re on the list.
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Does this article wedding tips on preparing drinks help you?  The overall part is, drinks are just so simple. Just be specific what you need/want for your line up and your bar supplier can take care of the rest. Full disclaimer, our suggestions are based on what we have experience in our events. If you want also a mobile bar quote just visit this link  .Hope everything running smoothly with your wedding preparations out there! Cheers! See you on the next blog! 




We  have also found interesting wedding photographer in Boracay in this link . It’s Eight Productions!