How Will You Plan Your Beverage List For Your Wedding?

One of the most special ceremony in our life is to experience getting married. You heard it right? A holy union between one person and the other to profess their utmost love to each other. Well, it is also a ceremony which is associated with special celebrations. One thing to consider is that, how will you plan your beverage list for your wedding?

Here are some list as a guide to help you plan your beverage list for your wedding:

  • Figure out how many guest are invited. Calculate how many guest are invited to come and for some unexpected guest. Figure out how many bottles and servings of drinks that supposedly consumed. Do the math, include the essential information regarding the number of guest, the hours of service and know the total number of drinks needed. Make sure you have enough or more than the expected total number of drinks. Pan out different types of drinks to include in accordance to the event.
  • Plan your wedding expenses. Know how much budget you need for the beverages for your wedding. Spend sometime to plan for drinks that you will be able to offer, on the time of the celebration. On that very special day, there will be ways to make the drinks beautiful and presentable.
  • Know the variable you need. Now, you have to decide the drinks you needed to serve. Be informed about the drinks or beverages the guests like to drink. 
  • Plan for a welcome drink for your guest. There are many options for you to choose what kind of welcome drink you want and it doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • Plan for a beverage or drinks for meals. One of the most common and preferable beverage or drinks to associate with meal is a wine. The setting of the bottles could be on the left or right side of each table and have staffs to top up everyone’s glasses. Plan out how much bottles you need for your guess and make sure to purchase more bottles on the day if needed.
  • Plan for a drink  for the toast event. It is not necessary to offer  more than a glass. A small glass of champagne or prosecco will be fine for everyone for the toast. Have some staffs or waiter to serve everyone for equal distribution, and to make sure there’s enough to go around.
  • Drinks for the evening party free bar. It will be a good idea for late guests. It could be a free bar for an hour and have some waiters to serve the guest. This is a one factor that is considered as the most important to host a free bar for a wedding celebration. 
  • And lastly, figure out if your guest are heavy drinker and what kind of drinks that is most preferable. Have some list of different beverage or drink options for your guest. And breakdown the list of serving in every bottle that you have.
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