How to Book at Bottoms Up Mobile Bar?

How to Book with Bottoms Up Mobile Bar Philippines

How to book at Bottoms Up?

1. Choose your package


Now we have a lot of packages if you haven’t seen it yet? Just go to this page and request a quote. You can either choose customize or the standard packages that we update every year.

2.Request a Final Agreement /Draft Contract


We preferred this before you send money, so you will know the terms and the don’ts regarding our services. Mostly, the things that cover in the draft is the inclusions on what package you availed. This is 2nd step on how to book at bottoms up.

3. Secure the reservation payment


Now, this stuff is by request, upon receiving the draft. You will also receive bank details on where you will send the payment and you can also pay via PayPal to our clients abroad. Take note that we will never ask payment or representatives from anywhere in the Philippines for your payment. The payment will only be requested via our exclusive social media platforms.


4. Send back a filled up contract.


Now you can send the draft together with your payment transaction proof to us. Please send only at our official email .You can also check our Facebook page for this, click this LINK.


5, Congratulations You Are Booked

Just sit back and relax and we will fully take care of the beverages. Take note that there is no downgrading of the package but the additional request can be doable too. Just reach us thru email so we can communicate with you along the way. Finally the last step at how to book at bottoms up .




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