13 Reasons Why You Should Get A Mobile Bar For Your Wedding?

Manila mobile bar is here! Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and you’ll be looking to make it a once in a lifetime experience for your guests. Even as kids, we were already taught to believe in the power of love and finding that “true one”. Finding the true one from over seven continents, more than six billion people and more islands than the eyes can see in the Philippines is a triumph. This is why a wedding is still one of our country’s most celebrated event. This is why any Filipino can easily run through the basics while preparing for one, from the catering to the photography and most importantly the bar.
Here in Manila, there is a growing interest in the idea of hiring a mobile bar. So you are asking “what is a mobile bar?” Here is what it is. A mobile bar as the name suggests is mobile but sets up with a full bartending service, a lineup of assorted drinks and drink sets which can be customized to the preference of guests.
With your wedding around the corner, stop deciding and hire a mobile bar in Manila. A mobile bar service ticks so many boxes, and here are some good reasons why hiring a Manila mobile bar for your wedding is a great idea.

  1. Keep the drinks flowing  

Don’t let the drinks run out and ruin the day for your guests. A mobile bar service ensures there is a constant flow of celebratory drinks on your wedding day. Manila mobile bar from Bottoms Up can help you with that.

  1. Add to your theme

A mobile bar will instantly add to the theme of your wedding. It is necessary to hire the best mobile bar service in the Philippines if you want to get a mobile bar that complements your wedding theme.Do you want to take a peek at our events?  Just follow this link.

  1. A Mobile Bar affords Outdoor Bar Service

The indoor bar is great for your guests, but a wedding bar cost shouldn’t stop you from setting up or hiring the best mobile bar in Manila so you can take the strain off your indoor bar and provide an option for guests to relax outside with their drinks. In fact, we created a guide on how to prepare your wedding drinks. You might check this article right here.

  1. Cater to the Masses

A mobile bar service has it all. There is a wide selection of drinks from soft drinks to champagne that your wedding guests can choose from. With all of your supplies (alcohol, beverages, juices etc.) in one place, it will control traffic as everyone will have to go to one place to get their drinks.

  1. Easy Setup and Teardown

Manila Mobile bars don’t cost a lot to set up and take nothing cleaning and maintaining, which makes them a great choice for any wedding venue where there is the possibility of unexpected circumstances like weather or last-minute changes. Besides, with the ability to pack-up the bar and move so easily, you can easily choose where the bar works best for you. Check out our bar video here.

  1. Manila Mobile Bar Is More Budget-Friendly Option

If you are looking to cut costs without sacrificing on quality, then a mobile bar is the budget-friendly option. Many mobile bar services offer cheap mobile bar packages for couples working on a budget and still want their marriage to be a splash. Check out the prices of an  Australian based mobile here.
You will get a range of options with most bar providers. You don’t have to bore a hole in your pocket to afford a great mobile bar. There are many affordable mobile bar services in Manila. Couples who are working on a budget are going for simple cash bars with mobile cocktail bar prices just to get the groove going. Guests are happy if they keep getting their drinks just the way they want it, everyone is happy.

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  1. Create an all Outdoor Experience

Are you having a wedding in the dry season? Then it’s a chance to enjoy the outdoor dryness and breeze. Design your outdoor wedding around your chosen bottoms up mobile bar service. Barbecues and buffets can all be served outside and if the weather permits, an acoustic performance from your wedding entertainers will create a soothing atmosphere. We have experienced outdoor events?  Manila mobile bar usually pack last among all the suppliers.

  1. Photo opportunities

How about a quick snap at the bar area? You can pose with your first drinks poured. This area presents lots of opportunities for your photographer to snap endlessly. Do you want to see some crazy photos? We have our Instagram here in this link

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  1. Evening Entertainment

For guests who couldn’t join up from the beginning of the reception, they’ll be glad when they can still catch up with some entertainment from the day’s celebrations. Even your guests who have been at the wedding all day will enjoy a new element for the evening, keeping the fun on all through the wedding.

  1. Drink Aware

Behind any good bar service, are licensed and experienced professionals who can tell exactly when a guest has had enough to drink.Manila mobile bar go that covered right away! You check Jeorge Dela Cruz profile the owner of Bottoms Up himself. He can consult you personally on this! Check his site here www.jeorgedelacruz.com 

  1. Fosters Socialization

From experience, it is evident that when a mobile bar is set up at an event, there is increased socialization. Most people who drink out at bars usually do it so they can socialize with others. Now that they have their bar close to them, what better way to achieve this than for you to hire the best mobile bar in the Philippines.
The bar becomes the life of the party and where everyone gathers around for their drinks. This creates more conversation and guest interaction, leading to a more meaningful and enjoyable experience.

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  1. One Less Thing To Worry About

Instead of trying to run everything yourself, isn’t it better to leave certain things to professionals who are experienced and have a passion for drinks to do what they know how to do best? They will come up with an awesome drinks menu that everybody will enjoy and remember and you won’t need to worry about licensing.

  1. Turn a Formal Event into a more Homey One

A wedding can be too formal with people giving speeches, hosts participating in the usual fun games, and a nervous couple. Liven things up with a small alcohol instead of seeing your guests all fidgety. A mobile bar can relax their nerves with choice cocktails.

Overall, this is just 13 of the million reasons we can provide on why you need a mobile bar. So get a quote in a manila mobile bar here brought to you by Bottoms Up. Just click here for a quote.


This photo is also shoot by Eight Productions. One of the best wedding photographers Boracay.You should check their portfolio HERE.


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