How to book at Bottoms Up Mobile Bar 2019-2020

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Maybe you find us out on google, facebook or even Instagram? We are glad to tell you about our offers and hopefully you already seen it?

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1.Make sure you are certain already with your package choice.

How to be certain? It’s simple.Ask your guest what they really want to drink for your event.Filipinos love beers & Filipinas loves cocktails. That’s basically the primary need for any events.

2. Don’t complicate drinks.

Drinks are not that complicated. Don’t overthink this, as long as there is adequate supplies to your bar service providers it’s all good. Just make sure you declare everything to us like number of guests & your guest drink preference.

3. Settle the reservation fee.

Most of our clients always book 6 months to 1 year ahead. This is to make sure we have more ample time to prepare even if that date is book already.

If you have more questions contact us at 09173066974 or visit our website

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