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How to book at Bottoms Up Mobile Bar 2019-2020

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Maybe you find us out on google, facebook or even Instagram? We are glad to tell you about our offers and hopefully you already seen it?

If you haven’t yet set our packages, please email us at bestmobilebarph@gmail.com or go to our website www.mobilebarph.com.

1.Make sure you are certain already with your package choice.

How to be certain? It’s simple.Ask your guest what they really want to drink for your event.Filipinos love beers & Filipinas loves cocktails. That’s basically the primary need for any events.

2. Don’t complicate drinks.

Drinks are not that complicated. Don’t overthink this, as long as there is adequate supplies to your bar service providers it’s all good. Just make sure you declare everything to us like number of guests & your guest drink preference.

3. Settle the reservation fee.

Most of our clients always book 6 months to 1 year ahead. This is to make sure we have more ample time to prepare even if that date is book already.

If you have more questions contact us at 09173066974 or visit our website www.mobilebarph.com

How Will You Plan Your Beverage List For Your Wedding?

One of the most special ceremony in our life is to experience getting married. You heard it right? A holy union between one person and the other to profess their utmost love to each other. Well, it is also a ceremony which is associated with special celebrations. One thing to consider is that, how will you plan your beverage list for your wedding?

Here are some list as a guide to help you plan your beverage list for your wedding:

  • Figure out how many guest are invited. Calculate how many guest are invited to come and for some unexpected guest. Figure out how many bottles and servings of drinks that supposedly consumed. Do the math, include the essential information regarding the number of guest, the hours of service and know the total number of drinks needed. Make sure you have enough or more than the expected total number of drinks. Pan out different types of drinks to include in accordance to the event.
  • Plan your wedding expenses. Know how much budget you need for the beverages for your wedding. Spend sometime to plan for drinks that you will be able to offer, on the time of the celebration. On that very special day, there will be ways to make the drinks beautiful and presentable.
  • Know the variable you need. Now, you have to decide the drinks you needed to serve. Be informed about the drinks or beverages the guests like to drink. 
  • Plan for a welcome drink for your guest. There are many options for you to choose what kind of welcome drink you want and it doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • Plan for a beverage or drinks for meals. One of the most common and preferable beverage or drinks to associate with meal is a wine. The setting of the bottles could be on the left or right side of each table and have staffs to top up everyone’s glasses. Plan out how much bottles you need for your guess and make sure to purchase more bottles on the day if needed.
  • Plan for a drink  for the toast event. It is not necessary to offer  more than a glass. A small glass of champagne or prosecco will be fine for everyone for the toast. Have some staffs or waiter to serve everyone for equal distribution, and to make sure there’s enough to go around.
  • Drinks for the evening party free bar. It will be a good idea for late guests. It could be a free bar for an hour and have some waiters to serve the guest. This is a one factor that is considered as the most important to host a free bar for a wedding celebration. 
  • And lastly, figure out if your guest are heavy drinker and what kind of drinks that is most preferable. Have some list of different beverage or drink options for your guest. And breakdown the list of serving in every bottle that you have.

Manila Wedding Planners [ List – January 2020 ]

When it comes down to throwing the perfect dream wedding, there is hardly enough that may be said about appointing a capable wedding planner who will look after your needs and assist them accordingly. Meticulously styled tablescapes that are engineered right to the last spoon of dessert, whimsically calligrapher wedding invitations, a sparkler-filled send-off that is complete with capturing the perfect beautiful photo. According to TheKnot.com & WeddingChannel.com real wedding study, 19 percent of the 18,000 newly married couples surveyed employed a wedding planner. 

While these precious moments may (and should) seem as though they occurred with the help of fair magic to the guests, any married couple and their families know exactly the hard work put into every element that took months of meticulous planning. 

La Rao Events Manila

La Rao events focus on what it’s like to give you an unforgettable wedding experience. They understand what a personal relationship intends to maintain as being one of their clients they cherish the friendship they develop with their clients. Affordable Wedding Packages in Manila, Philippines. Complete and worry-less packages for your wedding. 

Address: 104 Solare Commercial Building Capri Oasis Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave Maybunga, Pasig City Philippines 1607

Contact: (632) 260-8799

BG Bridal Gallery Manila 

Weddings are an occasion that brings along with them beautiful memories. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of event for many, this is what BG Bridal Gallery focuses on. They have been in the wedding industry since 1976, that’s a long time. And this is the reason why you should consider them for your wedding as they have filmed more than a million love stories of couples with NST pictures. They have witnessed traditions and cultures. They have also filmed some special moments from across the globe including Japan, the United States and the Philippines. 

Contact: +63 9170000000

Marry And Me Special Events Manila 

They started off with a beginning full of trials and made everything simple with the help of communication with their friends. Many of which have acknowledged their work. They have managed successfully to sustain a long-term good performance because of the passion and enthusiasm for planning occasions and also for helping couples plan one of the biggest and most special day of their life. They take their chances to be known as one of the best event management company in Manila. 

Address: 2387 Osmena Highway, Malate Manila, Philippines


Rita Neri Event Planners Manila


Rita Neri Events, as extravagant and luxurious the name sounds, so is the service. They specialize in not only weddings but also social and corporate events. As our focus is merely on weddings so that’s what we will talk about in this article; Rita Neri Event planners have been in the industry since the past 20 years. From managing, arranging celebrity weddings to private after parties. They maintain an unrivalled network of industry partners and friends gives them an access to amazing venues, talent and venues. Their team of management and coordinators will happily assist you whether it’s a lavish 50 people wedding or an event of 3,000 persons. 


Telephone: (632) 869-RNEP(7637)

Address: Makati City, Philippines 1226

La Belle Fête Manila


If you’re looking for a friendly, affordable and one of the best wedding planners, La Belle Fete is the place for you. They offer three packages namely Gold, Platinum and Diamond. All of these packages offer different services for instance. Gold package is designed for couples who seek help in decision making as well as digging for vendors but also enjoy being involved in the whole planning process of the wedding. We understand that a couple may feel lost after a few weeks or months into the wedding planning and that’s where their gold package comes in to save the day. Platinum is for couples who are extremely busy and cannot extract time to deal with the countless details. Basically, La Belle Fete will do all the research and call vendors plus visit sites. The diamond package is designed for couples who are seeking premium FULL PLANNING package. In this package, La Belle Fete will do all the research, visit vendors, visit sites, suggest useful and creative ideas and also facilitate with the task of RSVP for a dream wedding.

Contact: +63 917 385 2483

* Office Hours: Monday – Friday

Between 9:00 – 18:00 hrs PH Time

So are you ready for an adventure of planning the biggest day of your life 

Merry Mee Wedding Planner Group


Merry Me is a group of professional youngsters in Manila that organize weddings and party. Managed by Shai Juanitas  and Yuna these combo sums up over a decade experience in the industry . A member of wedding wordlwide group and a proud partner of SM Registry. You shouldn’t miss that these guys can bring up to you. You may contact them directly at  0917 583 7592 .

Who don’t want to have  a wedding in manila? We promise that we will update our list for affordable , the best  and trusted!  For any concerns for our listing, please do talk about is HERE or in Facebook.

Iloilo Wedding Planners [ List – February 2019 ]

Planning your dream wedding can get a bit difficult and stressful. However, having a friend at hand to help you make those important preparations can really make a huge difference. Check out this amazing Article where you can find everything related to wedding planners available in Iloilo.

 Where else can you think of holding a fantasizing dream wedding than in the City of Love? Appointing a wedding planner doesn’t really mean you are relinquishing control of your wedding plans. On the other hand, you are simply hiring someone to be able to oversee general aspects and points of this momentous occasion. According to brides.com, there are numerous ways to make your wedding perfect. 

There are many ideas on planning a wedding and wedding planner’s available right around the corner to make these ideas practical so let’s begin!

Not Just A Box Events (NJAB) Iloilo


Not Just A Box Events (NJAB) Iloilo

This is a company that willingly deals with your special celebrations. Founded in October 2010 by the combined efforts of two sisters in law. This business is a tool for inspiration through quality A-one service given by a team which is architecture to fulfill each of the client and customers need both prior and after the main event. Couples who are looking for a memorable wedding within a decent budget may select their amazing services. 

  • +63 999 788 2584/ 033-3216364
  • inquire@notjustaboxevents.com
  • Facebook.com/notjustaboxevents
One of the best wedding planners iloilo . Inquire to them right away! (: 

Kristrav Events & Wedding Concepts Iloilo

They handle not only weddings but also debuts, birthdays and many other special events with an elegant and artistic mood that can help create a wonderful memory for their clients. Working with their trusted partners and vendors who can successfully deliver quality output and services that will meet and exceed the expectations of the clients. 

  • (033) 503-2203
  • Address: Door 101, nikki apartelle, brgy. San vicente, jaro, Iloilo city.

Loveweds Iloilo

As dreamy as the name sounds, the service is much more perfect. They offer affordable and cheap packages and are one of the best wedding planners in Iloilo. With a team of experts committed to delivering high-quality service, Loveweds is in no way slowing down. The passion with which they take up the tasks of the occasion can be seen and felt in their décor. They offer outstanding service from the very little detail right to the end of the occasion example choosing the venue and selecting the bridal dress.If you are looking for an  affordable wedding planners iloilo , well these guys can be trusted.

 3rd Floor, Room 11, Motorlife Building, West Avenue, Molo
Iloilo City, Philippines 5000

Get Directions

 +63 33 503 7385

Iloilo Wedding Shoppe

Iloilo Wedding Shoppe claims to be your one-stop events provider and planner. They understand your dreams of proudly walking the aisle with having this satisfaction in mind that all the wedding preparations are up to date. Since its formation in 2008, Iloilo Wedding Shoppe has coordinated weddings successfully.

Address: E. Lopez St., Jaro, Iloilo City

Telephone: 09099801382

E-mail: booking@iloiloweddingshoppe.com 

A wedding included planning, coordination, photo and video management, dresses for the entourage and so much more. There is no way for a couple to handle all of these tasks alone and that’s where the wedding planners come in.Guaranteed we just gave you one of the best wedding planners iloilo . If you are looking for the best, affordable, and knows anyone that is trusted?  Go check our rates right now!  Talk to us in Facebook . or get a quote with our mobile bar rates. 

Davao is a great avenue for weddings.Get a quote now for our weddings in Davao.Check us onFacebook too. Hope you like our wedding planners davao list .

Davao Wedding Planners [ List – February 2019 ]

Wedding season is almost here and so are the season demands! We all love a little guidance here and there regarding the theme, décor, colors, dresses, arrangement of tables and chairs and what not. So here is a little something for you that will let you know the hottest wedding trends of 2018. Weddings can be get challenging for both parties but no worries, our guide will help you in each and every step of the way.

Couples needs the consent of their parents or their parents advice before getting married. In either case, one of the couple who is between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one is required to submit to the local civil registrar. The consent of father, mother, surviving parent or guardian having legal charge over you.
[Source: kasal.com *^*]

This is just an example of the legal formalities a couple has to go through and although this has to be done by themselves. This doesn’t mean they can’t use a hand in wedding festivities so let’s begin with our heroes in wedding planning.

Events By Liz – Lizza Bentinganan Davao

One of the most top-rated and affordable wedding planners are led by Lizza Bentinganan. The passion she has for her work reflects right to the end of the ceremony. From extravagant engagement sessions to lavish weddings, Events by Liz will take care of everything for you. Their team is highly trained and professional.

Events By Liz 2nd Floor, AGT Building, 7 Eleven Sandawa Road, Davao City
Davao City 8000

Get Directions

+63 917 147 7474

Send Message


Golden Touch By Noel Tanza Davao

Since its official unveiling and perception in the year 1999, Golden Touch By Noel Tanza has been consistently providing high quality and diehard creative services to its clients. Their aim is to provide innovative and hassle-free service to their customers and that too at a reasonable price. Golden Touch is mostly known for arranging flowers at weddings, debuts, pageants, anniversaries and many other special events in all the areas of the city. So don’t you think you should choose Golden Touch for decoration at your big event? One of the best wedding planners davao  and florist in Davao

Contact: 233-9087


Leah Jacobe Weddings and Events Davao

With a duly recognized reputation and legal registeration, Leah Jacobe weddings and events which is solely owned by Leah Jacobe is a professional wedding planner. Their team has specialized in helping newly engaged couples plan out their special day. They offer many options for you to choose from depending on your budget. They also design wedding venues, arrange the stage, help with table centerpieces and also do ceiling drapes that are necessary on any wedding occasion. They offer complete wedding packages to address and cater the needs of couples.Great wedding planners davao recommendation.

Contac no: 0949 770 28 29

Going through a wedding smoothly is quite a challenge right? Well after reading this article I’m sure that many of your doubts have disappeared. Wedding is a once in a life time and a very special occasion.

Davao is a great avenue for weddings.Get a quote now for our weddings in Davao.Check us onFacebook too. Hope you like our wedding planners davao list .

Cebu Wedding Planners [ List – February 2019 ]

Weddings are a signal of the beginning of a lifetime together. From the nitty gritty details right to the final touches, the couples like to spend precious time and earned money through hard work and investment to make the event most memorable day of their lives and one of a kind, just like from the books. From the moment a couple decides to get married, considerations arise like a mountain. What will be the location of wedding? Check out this article. How will the guests be shortlisted? Take help from this piece. Is it going to be a beach or a church wedding? What will be my wedding souvenirs and décor? What will be the best mood of the celebration?

We all can agree to the mayhem couples have to go through before their wedding and to help ease their efforts, here is a list of trusted wedding planners in Cebu:

Heavenly Weddings Cebu

Being in the industry for a happy 13 years’ time and counting, Heavenly Weddings Cebu traces it’s beginning from a small team who made sure and worked day and night even for the smallest and intimate celebrations with meticulous care. They don’t consider arranging weddings as a business, rather a family affair.Trusted wedding planners cebu , Heavenly weddings are one of the top list.

Contact: (032) 412-9433

Address: 34 Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City

The Miracle Weddings And Events Cebu

Miracle Weddings and Events make sure to help you design your BIG DAY and ensure you in making your idea of a dream wedding come true. Founded by Mrs. Darling Arias – this here is all you need. A one stop freelance business that takes care of all your wedding needs from picking the perfect dress, to choosing the venue and right to the last element on the table. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start your journey!

R. Landon St
Cebu City 6000

Get Directions

+63 32 255 0435

Typically replies within minutes

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Spotlight Events Services Cebu

Spotlight events services was inaugurated in 2014. As the name suggests, their services will really shed spotlight on your big day in every way possible. They have executed intimate to luxury events. From anniversaries to birthdays everything is their specialty but the most famous is their service in weddings. Who doesn’t love a perfect wedding eh? Spotlight events is managed and owned by the renowned Ms. Mansueto Aireen Martinez an event specialist with loads of passion.When you are looking for an affordable  wedding planners cebu, this is one of the top list we can recommend. 



Address: Azienda Genova, 6045 Talisay, Cebu

Mobile: +63 998 9770276

Cebu Best Wedding Planner

Cebu Best Wedding Planner offer a variety of services to fit your wedding needs. They keep in mind the Filipino customs and traditions and understand your value for money. They form an easy way of communication with you. Filipino hospitality will be at its best once you choose CebuWedding.net for your big day. They prioritize your morals and values, keep in mind your requirements regarding the wedding day. They will also suggest a variety of dream wedding locations. Honeymoon destinations will be easy to decide when working with CebuWedding.net. They understand perfectly the requirements of a wedding coordinator. Definitely one of the best wedding planners cebu that you can find.


We love  wedding planners cebu ? If you have suggestions that are the best, affordable cagayan de oro planners and coordinator recommendations.Check our Facebook now and get a quote right here. 

Cdo Wedding Planners [ List – February 2019 ]

How dreamy would it be to fantasize your wedding day and actually seeing your dreams portrayed perfectly into reality? Our guide here will provide you with some of the most exceptional, affordable and best wedding planners in CDO. Regardless of the location, the type of event or the priority, you will always have wedding planners standing right by your side to help you in the preparations. According to an article in The Knot, there are many essential tips to make your wedding perfect. What’s a wedding without some bridesmaids? To make sure that your girls get the best of everything from their dresses to their make-up, use this source to know everything you need to be prepared and make your bestie’s wedding the most special


We all like to remain updated about the latest trends of the year when preparing for the big event. All of this is not possible without the help of a capable and expert wedding planner and that’s what we focus on in our article. So without much further ado let’s get started!

Have your day all sorted out? Don’t consider saying yes until you consider these exceptional wedding planners.

Weddings & Events Republic CDO

Claiming to provide classy weddings that leave you with timeless memories, Weddings & Events Republic always make sure to prove their exceptional services to you. They offer a non-refundable down payment from their suppliers as they believe that this will improve their performance and make them work hard to give you the perfect wedding experience. They have different ideas on their mind when it comes to the elements of the wedding one of which is DIY (Do It Yourself) food stations. This famous idea has drawn attention to their business and they have definitely proved themselves to be worthy of it. They offer planning, executing and managing the event in the best way possible.Definitely one of the recommended list for wedding planners cdo.



Address: Vamenta, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

+63 916 187 4592

Wedding Elements Event Management CDO

They offer affordable and cheap packages. These packages have no exception to the quality of their work. They provide excellent wedding services throughout CDO. Photography and videography service is also offered by them along with selecting the perfect venue for your big day. Their packages are attractive in the sense that it provides an all in all service to the clients who are busy and cannot take time out of their busy routine to plan for the wedding. Whether it is a garden or a beach wedding, Wedding Elements will make sure to give you an excellent experience.

#151 Gomez St.
Cagayan de Oro, Philippines 9000

Get Directions

+63 916 348 8261

Typically replies within a few hours

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Choosing a wedding planner for your wedding is quite challenging. Especially when the date is right above your head. Keeping in mind the mess that gets only bigger as the date approaches, we have prepared this little guide to help you choose the best, cheap and affordable wedding planner in Cagayan De Oro. 

We love cdo wedding planners ? If you have suggestions that are the best, affordable cagayan de oro planners and coordinator recommendations.Check our Facebook now and get a quote right here. 

Bohol Wedding Planners [ List – February 2019 ]

The reason to hire a wedding planner is to plan and manage all the last minute details because of the lack of time. Think of a giveaway idea with the help of this Source. There is a lot going on in a couple’s mind who are trying to work their way out. There is always an expectation at the back of their head that everything will turn out well but as the date approaches, they seem to lack time and attention in all places and this is where the wedding planners come in. how do you know if the wedding planner you chose is right for you? This Article will give you all the hints you need.

Heavenly Weddings Cebu

They have the wealth of knowledge needed regarding etiquettes of the wedding, last minute handling and emergencies that occur while negotiating contracts. They have worked quite closely with professional and expert suppliers and will recommend the best people for you for your special day. They can come up with a solution to any problem that you may have not anticipated.

Contact: 09095213200

The Miracle Weddings And Events Cebu

From beautiful featured locations to professional photography, wedding wishes & events will make sure to cater all your event needs. They offer cheap and affordable packages that provide high-quality service in every element of the wedding. They will help you in selecting the venue, arranging tables and chairs, décor, music and many other useful services.

2nd Floor Gallares Court Graham Avenue, Pook Pantalan
Tagbilaran City 6300

Get Directions

+63 917 833 7915

Typically replies within minutes

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From the above discussion, it can be concluded that looking for the perfect wedding planner is not that much of a difficult task. All you have to do is do some research and with the help of our article, this task might have gotten a lot easier for you. 

This is just the start of our commitment to have that list for you. Get a quote soon of mobile bar services and rates of our bartending service below.Chat with us on Facebook. One of our best recommendation for wedding photographer in Boracay? Is Eight Productions! 

Bacolod Wedding Planners [ List – February 2020 ]

Being successful in executing the perfect wedding day-or wedding weekend- is all about the details, logistics and organization. Remember that an event planner worth their salt are able to take on the execution, styling, design and consultation of any event successfully. According to this source, you can find many wedding planners to organize your wedding right around the corner. There is a long list of elements that need to be taken care of and this article will give you all the tips you need to run a smooth and successful wedding event.



So let us begin now:

Simply Special Wedding Events Bacolod

From choosing the perfect wedding dress to picking the perfect venue, Simply Special Wedding Events can be trusted in every step of the way. They have hired trained staff and team. Their work is appreciated throughout the city. They offer cheap packages that cover the whole wedding event. A creative advice at a hectic time of the wedding can be utilized so you can depend on them completely. They offer every little to big thing to be included in your wedding.

T4, 3rd Floor, Hi Strip 4, Circumferential Road
Bacolod City 6100

Get Directions

+63 917 310 0573

Typically replies within a day

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We Do Weddings Bacolod

This wedding planner in Bacolod offers everything you need. They offer a complete package in which bridal car, reception host, groom’s suit, bridal gown, dove, excellent photography and videography, hair and make-up of the bride and venue décor with styling, wedding elements, flower bouquets, lighting and many other important aspects are included. Having this said, you must be eager to reach them instantly but hold on let’s have a look at more wedding planners.

Fortune towne
Bacolod City 6100

+63 949 327 8590

Typically replies within a few hours

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Tiffany’s Wedding Décor and Services Bacolod

There is a lot going on in a couple’s mind when they start planning out their big day. Luckily, Tiffany’s wedding décor and services are here to eliminate every doubt you may have about the happenings and festivities regarding your wedding. They have been in the industry for quite a long time. They cater to every need of the couples and treat them like family to get the better idea of their version of the wedding. This will make the occasion much more pleasing to the couple and the guests when everything is set according to their own standards and wishes.

Araneta, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental


May Lee Wedding & Events Bacolod

When it comes to occasions like weddings, there are many options available throughout the city and May Lee Wedding & Events is one of them. They take care of the couples needs wholeheartedly. Started with a small team May Lee has developed into expert and professional Wedding planners in the industry. Their excellent services have won the hearts of many couples who still recommend them to every engaged couple.

Tel: 034-709-6080
Mobile: 0922-8240535 | 0917-6295492

bacolod wedding planner

We do weddings in Bacolod is a contemporary wedding company that focus on exquisite minimalist weddings.This company is run and managed by  Carmela Chan Mendiola . You should look at their Facebook page  We do Weddings  to checkout reviews of one of the best wedding planners in Bacolod.

Bacolod wedding planners this is very good, the best, and affordable too?  You can suggest your different line ups.Just email us in this link . Tell us  more in the comments below! Get our Facebook right now.

List of Food Caterer Iloilo [ February Updated ]

As we all know our city Iloilo is one of the “most talked” delicacies in the Philippines. What’s the secret? Well, one of the caterers we have talked to says “it’s all about the genuine care to serve”. Well, it exactly sounds right! When you care of something? For sure, that’s your 100% service you are giving. This also applies to the different Food Caterers in Iloilo. We will start with the best, affordable and reasonable catering packages you may consider in your upcoming events. There is an old saying that if you want to make a place in someone’s heart, the way starts from there stomach. Once you have succeeded in making your place in their stomach, its easy to win their hearts!

Let’s start [Drum rolls ]

Mam Nors Catering Services

Offering one of the best services, Mam Nors Catering services always live up to the expectations of their customers with their excellent service, high quality décor and use of fresh ingredients in their food. They offer buffets and food to go with utmost care and attention. They offer terrific packages that are affordable and appealing to your budget.

Villa Lizares Subd., Tabuc Suba, Jaro (328.08 mi)

Iloilo City, Philippines 5000

Get Directions

Typically replies within minutes

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Caterer · Event Planner · Business Service

Price Range $

Hours 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Open Now

2. Escas Catering Company

With an outstanding service awaiting your approval and selection, Escas catering company makes sure to provide you with the best of their services in every step of the way. From décor to food to setting up of tables and chairs, there is a guarantee that everything they have to offer is perfect. All the people who have been here have given best reviews and recommended this place for your next big event.


Ma. Clara Ave (326.26 mi)

Iloilo City, Philippines 5000

Get Directions



Caterer · Filipino Restaurant

3. Tony’s Fast Food

If you’re looking for a luxurious dining experience with affordable cost, this is the place for you. With a wide variety of food and excellent service, you are sure to get your wishes fulfilled instantly. Tony’s is one of the most renowned expert caterers available in Iloilo. When it comes to good quality food, nothing beats Tony.

Luna St., fronting St. Clement’s Church, La Paz, Iloilo City

Tel. nos. (033)329-43-41 and (033)320-09-01


Email us: tonysfastfoodiloilo@gmail.com

Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Tonysfastfood

4. Pepper Corn Catering Services

The food and service is just as nice as the name sounds. Pepper Corn catering services have hired professional staff for assisting their customers and their guests. They succeed every time at winning the hearts of their clients with remarkable service and attention of the staff.

Pavia (330.64 mi)

Iloilo City, Philippines 5000

Get Directions

Iloilo events is always been a close to our hearts, in fact as mobile bar supplier from Manila to Iloilo and to other key cities in the Philippines? We always aim to provide the beverage service.I hope you like all our recommended list and we promise we will continue to improve more our blog. Please request a quote here and check this Food Caterer List In Davao.