8 Practical Ways To Avoid Fraud Wedding Suppliers

Top 8 Ways To Avoid Fraud Wedding Suppliers

Fraud Wedding Suppliers

We have always planned our wedding, what the venue would be like, our choice of music, the photography and of course the Food. For this purpose, we scan all the supplier companies in our country to get our hands on the one who will make our day more special. But unfortunately, there are fraud suppliers out there who will promise you everything and vanish on the day of the event leaving you devastated. This is why we’re here for you and suggest you avoid fraud wedding suppliers at all costs.

Here are a few steps to follow:

1.    Recommended Vendors

It is ideal to work with trustworthy vendors that have been recommended by your friends and family. This way you will likely avoid scammers and have a perfect day that you desire.That’s Fraud Wedding Suppliers 101.!

2.    Physical Offices

To avoid scam, hire vendors who have a physical office because this way you will know where to go if things go south.

3.    Payment Method

Never pay by cash or check always use a credit card because they have better protection of consumers and you can do a charge-back if needed.

4.    Do Some Research

Check their ratings on Opinions, Reviews, Forums, Private Groups and Yelp. Google the business owner’s name and the name of the business with “complaint” or “scam” and also check the license of a vendor with state entities.

5.    Make Receipts Count

When hiring a wedding supplier, demand copies of receipts for every check you cut and every payment you make – even for bulk.

6.    Purchase a Wedding Insurance [ Rare ]

For a change, you can also purchase wedding insurance from different companies. They cover all such things as postponement or cancellation of the ceremony, wedding photographs, wedding gifts, video and additional expenses.

7.    Beware

Make sure you place a query if there are any other costs that could possibly be added later to the final bill.

8.    Reading the Contract

Finally, make sure you always read each and every single word of the contract you sign. If you’re not 100% comfortable, ask for contract changes and don’t let them talk you into singing something you’re not comfortable with. Fraud Wedding Suppliers should be taken seriously or regret for the rest of your life.

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